Loonie Bin


Exene Cervenka
“Love and Haight”
A rumbling backbone swells beneath a steady wash of acoustic and electric guitars and a soaring Hammond organ, all topped off with Cervenka's passionate delivery. It's a long way from the early days of X, but it sounds like a comfortable waypoint on a long journey. 


Black Joe Louis & the Honeybears
“She's So Scandalous”
It's easy to take shots at the blues today for being tired and brittle, but not when it comes to this dude. Black Joe Louis and his gang turn in a burning groove that's about as real as you're ever going to find.

The Damnwells
“Nobody Listens to the Band Anymore”
That's because the modern alt-rock shit they're playing is stinking the joint up.


Eddie Vedder
“Longing to Belong”

Pearl Jam's frontman picks up his ukulele and strums a pensive tune with cello accompaniment. It swells towards the end but never goes over the top. Maybe not the best song he's ever written, but a promising preview of his coming solo album.

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