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Lady Gaga
“Born This Way” (LA Riots remix)
With pop stars hooking up with producers who are already in tune with the thumping sounds of dance music for their albums, the insistence on pumping out remixes mere weeks after a song's release just seems to weaken the initial statement: it's just not that different from the original.

Within Temptation
No real surprises here—modern rock with strings, really—the chugging chorus contrasts nicely with the acoustic picking/string embellishments during the verses, and singer Sharon den Adel sounds appropriately epic, but not very daring, either.

“Mother Puncher” (live)
Sludgy, brutal metal with a fighting spirit. Sounds like a cage match between the prehistoric beast and Justin Bieber, and it's a beautiful sound.

Brian Robertson
“Diamonds and Dirt”
Excruciatingly lame light rock from former Thin Lizzy/Motörhead guitarist.

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