Look what MZD Found

 Gerry Morita was surfing the internet awhile back when she came
across a strange website, It had a collection of curious
and quirky things that people all over the world had found—old,
tattered photos recovered from library books, little objects that
couldn’t be identified, notes caught flying in the wind. 

 “I just got a kick out of the website and some of the found
objects,” says Morita, who thought of the little items as artifacts,
each with a story to tell, whether poignant or funny. It reminded Morita of
her zany Salon Series, “C’est N’est Pas une
Pirouette,” and coincidentally, she was looking for a theme for the
second show of the season. Lost and Found sounded perfect. “It’s
broad enough for people to come in with almost anything they want to
submit,” she says, “but also specific enough that people could
make something especially for it.” 

Morita sent out a call for performers for the second installment of the
series, which happens this weekend at Mile Zero Dance’s studio, the
Landing Pad. Darren Hagen will host the show, though he isn’t yet
sure whether to appear as the Edmonton Queen or the Accordion

“We don’t know what he’s going to do yet so he’s a
bit lost,” says Morita, who’s divided her performers into two
groups, “Lost” and “Found,” each reflecting one
aspect of the show’s dichotomic title. 


Not that everyone agrees with the labels (and even Morita admits it’s
not quite fair to call anyone “lost”). Julie Funk, a former
Edmonton dancer now living in Fort McMurray, isn’t quite sure about
the designation as, unlike Hagen, she knows what she’ll perform: an
excerpt from “Looking for Ishtar,” a ritual dance with complex
walking patterns based on a combination of yoga and dance that represents a
return to the feminine flow of energy and more matriarchal

“I like how ‘Looking for Ishtar’ fits into Lost and
Found,” says Funk, “because we’re calling upon the spirit
of the Goddess, so in worshiping—in looking for it—we’ve
already found something.”

Besides Morita, Funk and Hagen, other artists involved in the show include
Edmonton dancer Linda Turnbull, fresh from a stint at the Banff Centre for
the Arts, and visual artist Paul Freeman, who’s dug up some of his
old work to hang on the studio’s walls. V

Fri, Feb 22 – sat, Feb 23
(8 pm)

Lost and Found

Presented by Mile Zero

The Landing Pad (201 –
10923 – 101 St), $10/$12

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