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Library Voices
“The Prime Minister's Daughter”

It's synth-pop that's surveyed the Canadian political landscape and picked a target. The track is more sly Decemberists storytelling than Rage Against The Machine revolt incitement, but this free download nonetheless shows the Regina eight-piece winking at the world they're part of, instead of living cozily within pop music's insular bubble. The phrase “Parliament is making cuts” will never, ever sound as catchy in your ears as it does here.

Purple Hill
“It's A Cyst”

Toronto's Purple Hill put a slick sheen on jangly guitars, sing like Bob Dylan mimicking David Bowie and here, add upbeat bassline and hooky gloss to a kind of (intentionally) gross lyrical concept. It's rock music clearly made with heart and gusto, and if it ultimately errs on the plainer side of the creative spectrum, at least they have a sense of humour about it.

Timber Timbre
“Lonesome Hunter”

“What did that bad man put in you / Did those rotten kids cross a line?” goes the first lyric, set to a '50s-slowdance-piano under a more sinister vibe, eventually bursting with strings at the chorus. But adding a darker edge here doesn't really pack much punch, and Taylor Kirk's detached, echo-y vocals further remove you from any emotion the bedrock track builds. It sounds like he's in on a joke that he isn't looking to share.

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