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Caution: more nuts; Real protestors don’t wear masks;

Caution: more nuts

Thank you very much for your critique. ("Caution: May Contain Nuts: a little too nutty," Feb 18 – 24, 2010). It's been a bumpy road getting Caution up and running and actually picked up for a second season and we are incredibly proud of the work we are doing right here in Edmonton. We are still working out the quirks and with the legal constraints—pop-culture referencing is difficult to make work in comedy. But we are very proud to have been nominated for a Gemini in 2009 for our writing of Season one and we look forward to many more nominations!
I have been personally writing aboriginal humour for more than 12 years as a stand-up comedian and I would welcome you to see me live in March at the Laugh Shop in Sherwood Park. Most of all, we are all very proud that we have filmed Caution right here in our home town and that we are supporting the local industry in Northern Alberta. Thanks for taking the time to watch, we are very proud of most of season two and planning on making season three even better!
howie miller

Real protestors don't wear masks

Couldn't agree more, David. ("Proper Protesting" Feb 18 – 24, 2010). Your piece states a truism that is lost on many protestors/activists: there are better and worse ways to make your point, so don't undermine your intelligence with violent demonstrations. And let's face it, wearing a mask is NEVER the way to go, unless it's a Hallowe'en party. There's lots of things Olympic that need improving, no question about it. This particular "protest" in Vancouver that Berry relates reminds me of the "masked men" at the Montebello SPP conference a couple of years ago, trying to get some union marchers to pick up rocks and throw them at "the Pigs," as they called them (a bit outdated of a term, isn't it fellas?). In any case, the union leader there outed them as QPP officers, trying to incite the protestors to riot, when in fact all the marchers wanted to do was exercise their democratic right to civil disobedience and protest against a corporate/military alignment of Canada with the U.S.
It is far too easy to infiltrate protest groups and discredit them by doing asinine things like the vandals in Vancouver. Real protestors don't wear masks. They are proud of who they are and willing to stand up for what they have to say. The rest are merely dysfunctional radicals making things worse for the rest who truly have something to say … like the Rainforest Action Network noted in Samantha Power's article ("Olympics can't wring clean" Feb 18 -24). These folks have good points, and made them clearly and without violence. Let's hope the other idiots don't undermine the good work RAN is doing there.
Marke slipp

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