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Legitimate dissent; Fond farewell; Sorely missed; Dish delights

I  will be buying Yves Engler's latest book today ("Canada's Complicity," Mar 25 – Mar 31, 2010). When people look at a child throwing a rock at an army tank (or bulldozer) that is crushing his/her home, and the world backs Israel and the army tank in blaming the child for aggression, then it is time for everyone to come to their senses.
For too long, people have been afraid to speak up, because they know they will be automatically branded as anti-semetic, while the far right in Israel practise their relentless policy of apartheid. Stephen Harper has been the most recent, and the worst prime minister, in siding with Israel. Michael Ignatief is almost as bad, but that is not a surprise. Ignatief is an apologist for US foreign policy. It is great news that some Canadian university students are speaking out.
Thank you for trying to enlighten we sleeping Canadians, Yves Engler.Thank you Vue for supporting legitimate dissent.
Ray Comeau

Every Thursday, Connie Howard's Vue Weekly column was my first stop; the second was the letters section. ("Farewell, well, well," Mar 25 – Mar 31, 2010) Her columns always generated the most pro-con discussion—a sign that she had no truck with sides. While some indie-columnists and editors find safety in conforming to the prevailing standards of voguish non-conformity, Howard's Well, Well, Well consistently challenged either orthodoxy or heterodoxy, trend or iconoclasm. Connie Howard possesses an integrity and a commitment to research too seldom seen in today's journalism. Her resignation leaves Vue and its readers poorer. Hopefully she will surface again soon.
Stephen T. Berg

Edmonton's Vue Weekly has lost an honest, in-depth, and informative writer in Connie Howard. She is a class act and her column will be sorely missed!
Karri Stokely

Just a quick note that I've been meaning to write for a time. I enjoy your Dish section immensely with the various writers that have graced the pages. I love Jan Hostyn's writing flair and have tried many of the recipes she has inserted with the articles.
Thanks for the enjoyable reads.
Linda B.

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