Re: The costs of local radio (VuePoint, Jan 31 – Feb 6, 2013)

As an independent community broadcaster, CJSR is familiar with the challenges facing CKUA, as highlighted in Paul Blinov's VuePoint. We also face tough budget constraints and the shifting winds of financial support. Our luxuries would be our dedicated volunteers and our long relationship with the University of Alberta's Students' Union, who have provided us with a home.
But it's alarming that Blinov would apparently choose to overlook what we accomplish every week, particularly when he correctly makes his case for Edmonton's need for locally based, locally focused programming.

For nearly 30 years, CJSR has engaged Edmontonians with an alternative voice on the local airwaves, a voice that has matured and grown more sophisticated with time. With limited resources, CJSR has managed to produce a weekly schedule of relevant news and current affairs programming, many of which have been running for over a decade.

Terra Informa is a nationally recognized and award-winning environmental news program, while Rise Up provides insight into the world of labour and activism. Adamant Eve is the only feminist issue program of its kind in Alberta, and the long-running Gaywire focuses on news and events affecting the LGBTQ community in Edmonton and across Canada. Moccasin Telegraph and Acimowin illuminate aboriginal issues. Moving Radio covers the local and independent cinema scene, giving local filmmakers an opportunity to discuss their art. The Gateway Presents is a partnership between CJSR and the official U of A student newspaper, covering campus events and providing a voice for student issues. And Campus Sports Connection is the only radio show of its kind in Western Canada dedicated to covering Canadian university athletics. Skeptically Speaking is a lively conversation on science and critical thinking, and has become widely syndicated across North America. Our latest program, The CJSR Edition, is dedicated to presenting issues in a unique and experimental fashion, pushing the boundaries of the radio medium.

An entire website,, is committed to highlighting these shows. Several of these shows are downloaded weekly as podcasts on iTunes.

CJSR's unique nature as a publicly supported, volunteer-driven media outlet should be celebrated, particularly in this crowded media landscape. The very thing Vue asks for does, in fact, exist.
By the good grace of our listeners and supporters, CJSR will continue to fulfil its mandate to educate, entertain and provide an alternative to the status quo. We're here, when you're ready to come around.

And, for the record, we also air the BBC World Service.


Dave Johnston
President, FACRA (CJSR FM 88.5)

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