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Answered by: Tom Wilson, guitar and vocals
Hometown: Hamilton, ON
Genre: Folk-rock
Lastest album: Folk Sinner (2013)
Fun fact: In addition to his music career, Wilson is also an accomplished painter.

First album
The soundtrack from the movie The Wizard Of Oz—the best songwriting ever collected on one piece of 12-inch vinyl. I later bought the soundtrack from the movie Cat Ballou, the second-best collection of songwriting, sung by Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye no less.

First concert
Don Messer and the entire cast from The TV show Don Messer's Jubilee at the Dundas Arena. My dad and four of his buddies from the war (all blind) brought me to the show. They all got wasted on sloe gin and beer. I was five years old. It was the '60s and that's what parents did with their kids. Years later I saw the Guess Who with John Kay at the CNE Grandstand in Toronto. This time I got drunk with my buddies. The only difference was they all had their eyesight.

Last album
Last album I bought was Snoop Lion, Reincarnated. Yeah, baby. My neighbours hate me.

Last concert
Last concert was my pal Colin Linden playing guitar for some guy named Bob Dylan. It don't get no better than hearing Linden's dobro solos while Dylan does his “I'm a little tea pot” dance around the stage.

Favourite album
Willie P Bennett, Hobo's Taunt.

Favourite musical guilty pleasure
Definitely folk music. Not because of the music but because of the audience. What other genre of music has so many people with weird food stuck in their beards? (And that's just the women.) V

Fri, Sep 27 (7:30 pm)
Festival Place, $28 – $32

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