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“How can art elevate humanity?” muses Lascaux Proxy, a local performance artist who will be among the lineup for Art’s Birthday, a global event celebrating the presence of art in everyday life that’s been held annually since it was proposed by French artist Robert Filliou in 1963.

“I think there’s always been a relationship between society values and how art both reflects that back at society and how artists can challenge that and really make people think about what they believe and examine what they believe and make sure that they know that it actually stands up to scrutiny,” continues Lascaux Proxy, who melds electronic music (which she composes herself) with contemporary dance and live theatre and will be presenting performances she describes as full of emotion, yet fun for herself and the audience.

The theme of this year’s event, which marks the 50th anniversary of Art’s Birthday (although, Filliou claims Art is 1 000 051 years young), is Where is Utopia—a concept that leaves a great deal open to interpretation from the artists, who also include folk singer and activist Paula Eve Kirman, the avant-garde act agaperaygunexperiment and interactive software performer Skrunt Skrunt, to name a few.

“I don’t really believe in a utopia or a utopian future, but for me, I know that art can be a challenge for us and an outlet for us as humans to really rise above and move forward,” Lascaux Proxy says of the theme. “I don’t think utopia is physically or scientifically possible. If I look at natural ecosystems there is no such thing as perfection and the ecosystem. It’s always a move between balance and imbalance, so I think that’s a natural state.”

Lascaux Proxy, who prefers to keep her real name under wraps, began her innovative blend of performance art in early 2013 and it has since opened up a wealth of new possibilities for herself as an artist—particularly when it comes to ease of collaboration and a newfound freedom in her performances since she is not weighed down by instruments.

“For me, the theatricality is coming from a place where I am no longer creating lyrics just from my personal life but really bringing in mythology or bringing in fantasy or bringing in imagination, science fiction, and letting that kind of broaden,” says Lascaux Proxy, who is working on a new piece choreographed by Alison Neuman with CRIPSiE, a local dance troupe run by artists with disabilities, about the compartmentalization of people in society, particularly those who are ill. “I have a really strong mandate to rethink about how I, as a citizen and as a human being, can make this world more equal and more just … oppressions are always connected, so for me in 2013 I really thought about how I as an artist can incorporate this mandate not just in my daily life as a citizen, but as an artist.”

Fri, Jan 17 (7 pm)
Part of Art’s Birthday
Brittany’s Lounge, $10 (door), $5 (BEAMS members)


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