Larger than life roadside attractions

Ukrainian Egg – Vegreville, Alberta (rumour has it that it is full of spiders) // Supplied
Ukrainian Egg – Vegreville, Alberta (rumour has it that it is full of spiders) // Supplied

We propose the ultimate road trip idea—a journey with the sole purpose of seeing all of the roadside attractions in Alberta. The province has a wacky reputation for its giant roadside markers—some are outside city limits, on the highway and some right in the heart of the city. Sadly, Alberta is no longer home to the largest aluminium baseball bat, but all the other greats should suffice.

Aaron, The World’s Largest Blue Heron – Barrhead, Alberta

The town of Barrhead has adopted the Blue Heron as the town mascot. Blue Heron sculptures line the streets of the town, leading up to the big guy—Aaron. This bird rises 12 feet high with a four-foot pedestal.  Aaron can be found on Main St. and Hwy 33.

World’s Largest Dinosaur – Drumheller, Alberta

The World’s Largest Dinosaur was presented to the public in October 2001. For 16 years it has stood tall at 86 feet, with 106 stairs for visitors to climb to the top. It is four and a half times bigger than a real T-Rex.  Drumheller is widely recognized as the dinosaur capital of the world and it’s fitting that this is where the dinosaur stakes its claim.

World’s Largest Beaver – Beaverlodge, Alberta

The grandest tree-muncher is 15 feet tall, 18 feet long and perched on a 20-foot log. This unique landmark was built in 2004 and weighs a whopping 3,000 pounds. A plaque celebrating the town’s 75th anniversary stands next to the sculpture.  His permanent residence is at the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre.

World’s Largest Mallard Duck – Andrew, Alberta

In 1992 the World’s Largest Mallard duck was built to commemorate Andrew’s surrounding wetlands. The mallard can be found at the intersection of Hwy 855 and 50 Ave. in the Village of Andrew and weighs one tonne with a wingspan of 23 feet.

World’s Largest Mushroom – Vilna, Alberta

Mushrooms are important in Vilna. It has been a tradition to collect mushrooms since Ukrainian settlers arrived in the early 1900s.  Located one block east of Main St. stands a giant sculpture of the tricholoma upsale mushroom. They grow wild in Vilna, making it the ideal home for this giant.

World’s Largest Piggy Bank – Coleman, Alberta

In Coleman, AB in Crowsnest Pass sits a small underground mining locomotive with a sign proclaiming it to be the World’s Largest Piggy Bank.  Ten Ton Toots is a tiny locomotive, which spent its working life underground hauling coal. This odd giant is used to collect donations for the local Lions Club.

Giant Pumpkins – Smoky Lake, Alberta

Smoky Lake is home to the Great White North Pumpkin Fair and Weigh Off—of course their giant is a pumpkin. In downtown Pumpkin Park, seven large pumpkins stand erect with the tallest over nine feet tall and  weighing over 32,000 pounds.

World’s First UFO Landing Pad – St. Paul, Alberta

St. Paul is celebrating the 50-year anniversary of the Landing Pad. After implementing the Landing Pad, St. Paul was declared the Centennial Capital of Canada. Adjacent to the landing Pad is a UFO tourist information centre and downstairs is a museum dedicated to sharing UFO images and research.

Giant Perogy – Glendon, Alberta

Located right on Main St. is the Giant Perogy and Fork. The Perogy reflects on Glendon’s Ukrainian heritage and traditions. 

Ukrainian Egg – Vegreville, Alberta

The Vegreville Egg is a giant sculpture of a Ukrainian-style Easter egg. The sculpture was commissioned by the town Vegreville as respect for it’s high Ukrainian population. The egg is one of the main attractions along Hwy 16 and is located north of the highway in Elk’s Park.

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