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  • What the author of this article has failed to do is recognize, for starters, is the fallacy of climate change. There is more than enough empirical evidence to disprove the money grab that has reared it’s head globally under the banner of climate change. What this means is that the majority of dollars collected and spent under this agenda could have been directed towards fiscal management. When you understand this it is very clear that taking leadership on climate change would be to not impose the tax in the first place and continue to oppose climate chang at the federal level.

    The other difficulty is that the NDP do not know how to be fiscally responsible. In an economy where oil prices are tanking, the responsible thing to do is apply principles of good fiscal management, putting in place the appropriate cutbacks, etc. I am not sure Alberta can take another term of the NDP, who lack understanding and management skills. It is time for Albertans to wake up to reality and see through political agendas like climate change and govern themselves accordingly.

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