Hurdy Gurdy; Saucy Monkey; Every Time I Die

Hurdy Gurdy
Prototyp (Noside)

True hurdy gurdies!
Full of tom-kookery and
Old-world splendour

Saucy Monkey
Turbulence (429 Records)

Whinging chick rockers
Too many Len videos
Not enough “talent”


Every Time I Die
Gutter Phenomenon (Ferret)

Rockin’ and yellin’
Just the stuff to save me from
The last shitty disc


A Sunset Panorama DVD (Bad Taste)

A new Logh album
Yes, it’s good Norwegian wood
Except they’re Swedish


A Fire in the Ashes (Broadcast)

Droning guitars plus
Snappy melody equals


Guilty 25th Anniversary Edition (Columbia)

Finally on disc
Thrift-store junk LP that proves
Babs and Gibb was pap.

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