cook vegetables


Essentially there are only four ways of cooking vegetables. You can boil
them, bake them, steam them or microwave them.

Most vegetables should be peeled and all vegetables should be thoroughly

The most important cooking tip is to cook vegetables only until they are
tender-crisp. Overcooking is usually what turns people off vegetables in the
first place.

Add vegetables to half an inch of already vigorously boiling water. When the
water returns to a boil, reduce heat to keep it gently boiling. Leave the lid
off the pot for the first few minutes, and then cover lightly.
Potatoes and beets need more water. Fill to just about cover them. Drain
immediately after cooking and prepare to taste.
Bake vegetables in a moderate oven of not more than 350 degrees F. Potatoes
can handle up to 425 degrees. Sliced, diced or grated vegetables such as
carrots or turnips should be baked in a covered casserole dish with a little
butter or margarine.
Steaming is the preferred method of true vegetable lovers. It retains all the
appearance and flavour of your vegetables.
Place vegetables in the perforated section of your steamer over boiling
water, cover and cook until tender. Putting some minced garlic or minced
ginger into the boiling water works wonders.
Place vegetables in a microwave-proof bowl or casserole dish. Add several
tbsps of water and turn microwave to high.
How long it takes depends on how much you are cooking. Remember to stir the
vegetables frequently. Add butter and seasoning when removing your veggies
from the microwave.
Make a note of how long it takes to cook your desired quantity of vegetables
for future reference; and always remember—just until tender-crisp.

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