Cook Eggs


Hard Boiled
The trick is not to boil them at all. It makes the whites tougher and
leathery. In fact, several generations ago they weren’t even referred to as
“boiled.” They were either hard-cooked or soft-cooked.
For hard-cooked eggs, allow them to stand in hot water just below the boiling
point for 20 to 30 minutes.
Soft Boiled
Again, no boiling is needed. Allow eggs to stand for five to eight minutes in
hot water just below boiling. I promise you will notice the difference.
Forget about boiling yet again—steam them. Most food and kitchen stores
sell a variety of neat little egg poachers. There are even plastic ones that
work well in the microwave.
For scrambled eggs, I add lots of milk, some grated cheese and season with
curry. People never taste the curry, but they know I did something they
really like. It’s always fun adding diced meat, onions,
mushrooms—almost anything.
Try a two-egg omelette with only one egg yolk. The yolk contains all the
cholesterol so you can nearly double your pleasure without adding cholesterol
and you’ll barely notice the difference.

Seasoning Your Eggs
Cut the salt to a mere pinch. Salt actually takes away from the taste rather
than enhancing it, assuming you haven’t over-boiled your eggs. Pepper
works better.

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