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  • Hops in Whiskey? Beer distilled into Whiskey?
    Back in 1999, Miles & Marko Karakasevic/Charbay Distillers (California) declared that all whiskey is distilled from beer. They then distilled a bottle ready hop flavored Pilsner beer into Whiskey with their Alambic Charentais Pot Still. They decided right then that they would release it in waves so whiskey fans could collect the various bottles and taste them just as the distiller is able to follow a spirit as it ages. It was so different that it took many media writers by surprise.
    The Charbay Whiskey Rel. IV, from that collection, is just being released – but it’s already sold out/wait listed for over a year. The father & son team launched the distilling of hop flavored beer – and they’re on a roll.

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