Hooded Fang


Thu, Jun 21 | The Works Visual Arts Festival (5 pm) and Wunderbar (9 pm)

Fresh off its European tour, Hooded Fang is coming home to Canada with the Pop Off! Tour, and working on its third album, which the band says has a new vibe.

“I think with this record (Tosta Mista) it was our way of not being stuck in a particular genre,” guitarist April Aliermo says. “And also sort of just feeling like doing whatever we were excited by at the time. At the time we were excited by that surfy garage rock kind of feel.”

Changing members and changing sounds is all part of the process for the current foursome, and helps create original music while maintaining a recognizable Hooded Fang sound.

“Our band has changed a lot over time. We went from being a 13-piece pop orchestra, to six-piece regular pop band to now the four-person garage rock band,” Aliermo says, adding, “Our next record is going to sound even more different. We are going to be playing some songs from our upcoming record.”

Drawing inspiration and influence from all art forms, Hooded Fang's music is grounded in the mood of the moment. “Music shows are one little aspect of what we allow ourselves to indulge in,” Aliermo says. “We're into all kinds of artwork, mixed media, massive paintings and little sculptures. We go to music shows but we also go to art shows to try to see everything that's happening around us.

“Toronto has an amazing music and art scene. You can go to an amazing electronic dance show that's filled with a lot of amazing energy and sweat,” she continues. “Then some nights you just want to go to the Holy Oak to see an acoustic set. Other nights you want to go to like a disgusting, sweaty DIY show, where people are wailing on their pedals and crazy electric guitars.

“We're really lucky to be around such diverse artists and musicians all the time. We really strive to keep the dialogue between art forms going as much as possible.”

Thu, Jun 21
The Works Visual Arts Festival (5 pm)
Wunderbar (9 pm)


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