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Haiku: Quickspins

Coco Rosie
Grey Oceans

Nope! I've tried 10 times
Her oddball helium voice
Irritates my ass

Tim Gilbertson
(Pop Echo)

Hot glue on promo
Disc won't play much past song one
Song one does rule though

Peter Wolf Crier

Reverb tank work out
Perfect summer album though
Sunny and breezy


Totally nailed it!
You've only got 10 bucks left?
Buy this not burgers

Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Update

Jazz boggles my mind
Like calculus or G-spots
Can't figure it out

Rusted Dawn
The Black Tides of War
(Diminished Fifth)

Crushingly heavy
Like bad news from the doctor
This will fuck you up 

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