Quick Spins

The Dirty Dozen Brass band
What’s Going On

Remake a classic?
With hurricane rhetoric?
Damn if it don’t work!

Ad Astra Per Aspera
Catapult Calypso
Sonic Unyon

Punk rock spirit with
The musical smarts to make
Me say: “Holy Shit!”

Bell XI

Interesting stuff
A li’l bit heavy-handed
But still dang pleasant

James Brown
Live at Montreux ‘81
(DVD & CD Collectors Edition)
Eagle Eye Media

G-father of Soul
At the height of his power
You need this like air!

The Hylozoists
La Fin Du Monde

Sort of like Tortoise
Channelling Morricone
Uhh … If he were dead

Beenie Man

Five minutes with this
ADHD negro and
I gotta tap out

Prairie Oyster
One Kiss
Open Road

Not too shabby for
A country band named after
Severed testicles

Strike Anywhere
Dead FM
Fat Wreck Chords

No rhythm, no hooks
No melody, no message …
A bland punk zenith

My Robot Friend
Dial 0

Smart-ass electro
Cheeky, sexy and also
A bit ass-shaky

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