Quick Spins


Damon & Naomi
The Earth Is Blue (Sonic Unyon)

Reverbed tearjerkers
Yo La Tengo gently weeps
While George rolls in grave

Jack Logan
Nature’s Assembly Line (Orange Twin)
A great idea
Yields great organic results
Loosey goosey good

Starship Galactica (Temporary Residence)

Yet more bleepy bloops
The bleeps are okay, but he
Just mailed in the bloops

Linda M
Pretty on the Inside (independent)

Toronto folk chick
Writes “nice” songs for mom and dad
Holy shit, I’m bored

The Hermit
Wonderment (Nettwerk)

New Age meets chillout
Music so damn smooth it’s like
Butter for your ears

Elvis Presley
Love, Elvis (RCA)

New disc by the King?
Wow! Is he really alive?
The nutjobs were right!

Steve Vai
Real Illusions: Reflections (Sony)

Ex-guitar hero
Serves up a tepid dish of
Noodles and fromage

Classless Society (Handsome Dan)

Competent punkers
Mash out old-skool anthems while
Kids run in circles

Various Artists
Chillout 06: The Ultimate Chillout (Nettwerk)

The Chilloutening!
The last, ultimate chillout…
Until Chillout 7

The A-Frames
Black Forest (Sub Pop)

Skronk noise achievers
I’m awed as detuned bass goes
Fart fart floo flaw SCREEEEEEEEEEEE

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