Quick Spins


The Bacon Brothers
White Knuckles (Forosoco)

Oh, Michael Bacon,
Don’t you know that Kevin is
Just holding you back?


The Living Blue
Fire, Blood, Water (Minty Fresh)

Rockin’, jangly fun
That had me chair-dancing til
My balls were sweaty


Amarantine (Warner)

Human reverb tank
Sings in new, made-up language
This somehow makes sense…


Trey Anastasio
Shine (Columbia)

To quote the Phish song:
“I’d like to cut his head off”
Just to shut him up


Prince Far I
Silver & Gold 1973-1979 (Blood and Fire)

Unlike Bob Marley
This long-dead reggae legend
Could not dodge bullets


Tony Conrad with Faust
Outside the Dream Syndicate Alive (Table of the Elements)

Faust is great and all
But I prefer my music
To contain music


Do You Hear What I Hear? (Sony/BMG)

Yes, I can hear it!
Cash register ching-a-ling
As stars rape classics


Switch (Epic)

Lets hope the new guy
Prefers ass fixation to

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