Quick Spins


Various Artists
This Is Metal (Magick)

Has-beens rub shoulders
With never-wases on this
Metal poop-ganza


The New Black List (Stumble)

Clash rip-off? Homage?
Hey, whatever helps these guys
Get to sleep at night


Lindsay Lohan
A Little More Personal (RAW) (Casablanca)

Bulimic teen queen
Needs you to buy her record
Them boob-jobs ain’t cheap


Rosenrot (Universal)

German goth-rockers
Scream crazy jibber-jabber
Fun and unnerving


Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom
The Days Of Mars (DFA)

Like Wendy Carlos;
Sci-fi synths, but with way less
Gender confusion


Maximum Joy
Unlimited (1979-1983) (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)

A classic, perhaps
But I find slap bass and sax
Quite irritating


Carrie Underwood
Some Hearts (Arista)

Hot Idol winner
Belts it out for her main man
Yeah, you guessed it… GOD


Scratch Massive
Naked (Chateau Rouge)

A slammin’ mix of
Pumpin’ dancey tracks for you
To slam and pump to.

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