Quick Spins


Deane Nesbitt Jr.
Here’s To Alberta Special Edition Single (Independent)

An uplifting song…
sweeping, epic, background hum
for elevators


Dirty Tricks
Demerits (Blue Skies Turn Black)

A really fine disc!
Trouser-shaking rock and roll
as it should be played


13 & God
13 & God (Anticon)

Any super-group
without “Ringo” or “Starr” in
its name is okay.


Resilience (TigerBeat6)

Is Sir chops-a-lot
taking Ritalin now? Still—
Kid is hot tonight!


Ghetto Pony
Post Apocalyptic Bubblegum Music (Independent)

Montreal techno
so bad, so cheesy, so fun
so, well, you know, French


Chapter V (Atlantic)

Quite a feat indeed
when you can make Nickleback
sound interesting


Horace X
Strategy (Omnium)

A “Cotton-Eyed Joe”
for the unwashed hippie crowd
it hurts my earholes


Windsor for the Derby
Giving Up the Ghost (Secretly Canadian)

Mellow acoustics
and droney keyboard stylings
make a nice listen.

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