Quick Spins


What We Do Is Secret
(Black Mountain)

Bellow it out loud:
These Haligonians rule!
Their secret is skill


Various Artists
Club Flamenco

Kids spout gibberish
Over shitty rumba beats
As fun as it sounds


Drunk on Light

Glitchy downtempo
For breezy suburban trips
Into deep, dark woods


Wendy Carlos
Rediscovering Lost Scores: Volume One
(East Side Digital)

Really creepy stuff!
Like a backrub from grandma,
But with polymoog


Hanne Hukkelberg
Little Things

Cute li’l pixie girl
Likes rainbows ’n’ unicorns
’N’ puppies ’n’ shit


The Redwalls
De Nova

Slutty rock swagger
À la Bowie and T. Rex
In tight, tight trousers


Ringo Starr
Choose Love

Beatles are dying
From most talented on down
Starr lives forever!


Claudia DiNatale
The Little Things
(Under the Radar)

Yet another case
Of someone with much talent
Singing shitty songs


Kelly Osbourne
Sleeping in the Nothing

Yet another case
Of someone with no talent
Singing shitty songs



Your kid’s named Apple?
Sounds like someone’s pretense knob
Goes to 11!

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