Quick Spins


Jefferson Airplane
The Essential Jefferson Airplane

Proves my theory that
What was deep in the ’60s
Is laughable now


Konono No. 1

Your amp got stole? Waaaah!
Try making gear from car parts
Like these fuckers did!


Live at Earls Court

Goddamn Morrissey!
Live disc proves he’s still got it
And I still hate it


Wonder If the Snow Will Settle

Part clever Britpop
Part whiny Morrissey poop
Cheer up, sullen lads


Barry Manilow
The Essential Barry Manilow

Yeah, he writes the songs
The songs that make women scream
And panties explode


Toujours le Même Film…

Stylish and sexy
Great soundtrack for a night out
Or gettin’ nekkid


Semper Satago
A Domino Compilation

Comp discs often stink.
This one is so crammed with good
It makes my balls ache


Herb Alpert
Whipped Cream and Other Delights
(Shout! Factory)

40 years later
Sexy Herb and his minions
Are still delightful

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