Quick Spins


Faris Nourallah
King of Sweden
(Western Vinyl)

Dude and his brother
Write monumental pop songs
And fight like bitches

Various Artists
Everything Comes and Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath
(Temporary Residence)

Oddball skronk tribute
Can you tell what song it is?
I sure as shit can’t!


Speed (Reissue)
(Temporary Residence)

Lost art-punk now found!
Sounds like Shellac but without
Profane cuckold tunes


Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch

Chick mit piano
Someone fucked her up good, but
Her loss is our gain



Sabbath bass player
Throws hat in crap metal ring
The Iron Man cries


The River
(Hive Fidelity)

Guy with a guitar
Sings about feelings ’n’ shit
New? No. But still good


Wild Strawberries
Deformative Years

Laid-back chillout pop
With the life sucked out of it
So very boring…


Gang Gang Dance
God’s Money
(Social Registry)

Artful noisemakers
Proof that not enough bands use
Marimba these days


Nick Butcher
The Complicated Bicycle

Handcrafted beauty
So good it will make you weep!
You’ll need tissues, bitch!


The Guess Who
Let’s Go

’60s pop TV
Lads cut teeth, grow mustaches!
Young, trim and top-notch

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