Quick Spins


Cone of Silence
Sixty-Grit Sandpaper and Other Delights
Power pop genius
Really, it’s embarrassing
Just how good they are

Paul Bellows
Tape Deck Classics
Local technophile
Lays down catchy, mature songs
And boy, can he drink

Armor for Sleep
What to Do When You Are Dead
(Equal Vision)
Like an ugly child
Someone somewhere must love this
Not me. Beat it, kid

Better Than Ezra
Before the Robots
Safe and boring
Rest assured, you’re gonna hear
The shit out of it

Bramwell and the Left Overs
Bramwell and the Left Overs
I’m a sucker for
Well-sung, well-plucked country gems
A flawless debut!

Fronch noisemakers unite!
Zeee boss delay et le korg
How you say? Bitchin’!

My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Half great, half piss-poor!
Captain eyeliner screams, yelps
I’m indifferent

Los Lonely Boys
Live at the Fillmore
18 zillion notes
Texican blues in your face
Guitar bukkake

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