Quick Spins

Artist Karaoke Series
Miley Cyrus
Hey Kids! Now you can
Imitate your favourite
Just, keep your shirt on

Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada
The Alchemist Manifesto
ESL Music
The ‘70s ruled
Back when herpes was cool and
Pubes were glorious!

Donna Summer

Her producers and
Her plastic surgery team
Deserve some awards!

Hate Eternal
Fury & Flames
Metal Blade
Hell bent on ripping
Everyone a new anus …
Which might be handy

Jason Blaine
Make My Move
New Millennium
Well crafted country
Wafting from Hummers full of
Whyte Ave ballcappers

À Léo
Cipelli Fresu Garcia Testa Zanchi
Justin Time
Croaky Frenchy Jazz
Really quite pleasant although
He says “chapeau” lots

Various artists
Sex and the City
Syrupy ‘n’ sweet
Side effects include gagging,
Diabetic shock

Local H
Twelve Angry Months
Used to like these guys
Then they disappeared into
Sandwich artistry

Ted Nugent
Sweden Rocks
Like a drunk uncle
He’s too entertaining to
Put out to pasture

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