Ground Level Falcons release sophomore disc

The complete lineup
The complete lineup

Remember the days when an album was broken down into side A and side B? It’s the way Ground Level Falcons frontman Matt Gardiner remembers listening to music during his younger days, and a format he wants to bring back, in a sense, with his band’s new releases.

“I find sometimes with bands, if there’s 14 or 16 songs on an album and you have to play it straight through, you kind of lose your attention,” he explains. “I think, unless it’s a really captivating album, you don’t really listen to the last half.”

Ground Level Falcons released its self-titled debut LP in the summer of 2012, and while it was one disc, the songs were split into two sides. For its followup, The Revealor, the alt-rock group is adhering to a similar format, but while side A will be released this Friday, we’ll have to wait until 2015 to hear side B. The decision was in part due to logistics with time and finances, but it will also enhance the contrast between the two. Where The Revealor – Side A is a more laidback group of songs that showcase the keyboard skills and vocal harmonies of new band member Angela Power while The Revealor – Side B will boast a heavier sound highlighting bassist Greg Kolodychuk’s funk skills.

Side A is the result of a collaborative writing approach that saw all band members doling out input, rather than Gardiner taking the creative reins as he had on Ground Level Falcon’s debut. As a result, he says everyone has a more vested interest in the material, which centres around the idea of working through a situation that tests a person and shows their true colours. The situations often stem from Gardiner’s personal experiences, but don’t go too deeply into the details.

“I try not to put it too literally in the music because it’s kind of embarrassing, you know what I mean?” he asks with a chuckle. “That singing your journal out loud kind of thing, it can be tricky. There’s some personal changes that I’ve made even since the first album that definitely made its way into the music but I tried to take myself out as much as I could, to give the songs some longevity, too. If you get to the point where you’re singing about yourself all the time and you don’t really feel that way anymore, you don’t want to play the song anymore, either.”

Fri, Jun 13 (8:30 pm)
With Thompson Highway, Tommy Alto, Moon Tan, Call Apollo
The Studio Music Foundation, $10 in advance, $15 at the door



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