Golden Fork Awards 2017

Cast your ballot for the Best of Edmonton’s food and beverage industry! It’s pretty simple: fill in the blanks and have your favourites win. Right? We told you it was easy.

We ask for some of your deets to verify that A) you are a living, breathing person with a belly comprised of some of Edmonton’s finest and B) so that we can avoid any ballot spoiling. All your deets will be added to our fabulous newsletter, which you can opt out of at anytime.

We also have a field for you to let us know if we have missed any categories. Food takes many delicious shapes and forms, so if all of a sudden say, Eastern European noodle soup becomes a trend, we want to know about it!

What do you get out of all of this hard work? You may get to see your choice as the winner!

Happy eating, happy voting!


Thanks for voting! We’re tallying the votes and will post the results on May 4th!