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  • Please, please ignore the out-of-date advice to eat less saturated fat!

    Saturated fat does NOT cause heart disease. Refined carbohydrates and sugar do.

    The Sugar Industry bribed scientists at Harvard University in the 1960s to produce fake studies wrongly linking saturated fat with heart disease at a time when high-quality studies increasingly showed sugar as the real villain.

    Human breast milk contains 60-70 per cent saturated fat, and the human brain the same amount. Furthermore, saturated fat in food strongly discourages overeating by promoting satiety and is responsible for much of foods flavour – without which vast amounts of sugar must be added to food! We were told to eat margarine. Eww, margarine is a petrochemical sludge made from highly refined, toxic solvent-extracted ‘vegetable oils’ which is an extremely unappetising GREY colour before it’s dyed yellow.

    Full-fat dairy has been shown by numerous recent high-quality studies to protect against diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

    Cutting saturated fat from the diet has caused widespread epidemics of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

    look at the French Paradox: France and the Inuit populations eat a diet rich in saturated fat yet suffer only around a third of the heart disease of those in Britain whose diet is comparatively much lower in saturates.

    Consumers are thankfully wishing up and switching back to natural, healthful foods including butter, eggs, red meat and whole milk.

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