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Whistler big on Spring fun

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Mum’s the word during next week’s spring break at Whistler
Blackcomb. If you are a mum heading out there for April 1, bring your race
gear and competitive edge with you for the Mum’s Mountain Classic
Race. Categories include: mums of boys, mums of girls, mums of girls and
boys, grandmums and stepmums. (The previous sentence gave my spellchecker
fits but that’s the way they posted it at Whistler.) A good costume
would help as well because there’s a Pirates of the Caribbean theme
to the event. 


The race course is your basic mini giant slalom but there’s a twist.
In this timed event, the winner is the mum who comes closest to matching
her second run time to the first. I get the feeling that there is more than
racing to this event because the $40 entry includes breakfast, the race,
lunch, après ski party, prizes and a video. 

If you’re planning to stay for the weekend, make sure you check out
the village on Sunday night for their last Fire and Ice show. All winter,
every Sunday at 6 pm near the Whistler Village gondola base fire dancers and
fireworks are unleashed to get your attention. Then the hottest pro
snowboarders around huck themselves through burning rings while trying to
earn your favour and score some big air points. The show is followed by a
wild Afterburn Party at the nearby GLC bar.  V 

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