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Polishing the metal


Payoffs on way for Canadian athletes, local riders

Canada All Over the Podiums
Last weekend, Canadian boarders and skiers ruled the podium all over the
globe. In Telluride, Colorado, Maëlle Ricker from Squamish BC, won the
ladies snowboardcross. This was her second win of the season and she is a
definite favourite for the upcoming Olympics. Quebec’s Dominique Maltais was
not far behind cruising into third place. On the men’s side Rob Fagan,
another Squamish border, finished third in men’s boardercross. These results
really complement Canadian Jasey-Jay Anderson who continues to win in the
Alpine Snowboard events. 

In Val Gardena, Italy, Vancouver downhiller Manuel Osborne-Paradis captured
his second World Cup gold medal of the season racing down the gruelling slope
in just over two minutes. Many of you have skied hard on a steep slope for 30
– 45 seconds and your thighs are just burning. Imagine doing it for two

Over the past several weeks, five top Canadian Alpine skiers have suffered
serious injuries but Alpine Canada maintains that a three-medal goal at the
Winter Olympics is still possible. Finishes like this by Osborne-Paradis
should give us hope.

Terrain Parks Open
Marmot Basin opened their new improved Roger’s Terrain Park last week. With
the removal of the old Tranquilizer Chair, the new park has found a home on
the lower run Liftline. Numerous features have been dug in and shaped. To
date, this has most certainly been the biggest and best attempt at a terrain
park and the location is a nice change from Paradise run.

At Sunshine they’ve opened the upper half of their park. Located on the lower
half of the Great Divide chair this is just the beginning of something much
bigger. Already they have 10 jumps and 18 – 20 features like boxes,
rails and even a wall ride. Once completed, this enormous terrain-park
development will contain up to 50 features.

At Lake Louise, several features have been erected including a rainbow box
and street-style hand rail. Not surprisingly, and after much negative
griping, the jumps have returned. Like the other parks, Louise will be
expanding their park as the snow continues to fly. If you do ride in any of
these three parks, don’t forget to wear a helmet. There are many cool ones
available now and if the pros look good in them, so can you. V

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