Snow Zone

Fall Lines: Feb 19 – Feb 25


Do it in pjs in Jasper and up at Marmot Basin

How can you raise awareness for autoimmune diseases in Jasper? Wear your pajamas all day on February 27 and you’ll fit in nicely with the rest of the community. Why pjs? Because people will ask you why you’re looking so stylish, and you can tell them all about the great cause you’re supporting. This will be the fourth year for PJ Day, and the goal this year is to set a record for the most people in pjs at an outdoor event. Even the slopes at Marmot Basin welcome this fashion trend, and you won’t look out of place carving the slopes and relaxing in the chalets. Don’t forget your wallet: all money raised will go towards a Jasper family that is going through autoimmune disease hell right now. A mom of five kids all under age 12 is currently struggling with the disease and she needs all of our help.

Castle Mountain halts winter operations

Southern Alberta’s Castle Mountain Resort has been struggling with poor conditions this winter. It’s become so bad that last Sunday the resort was forced to stop operations until conditions improve dramatically. Cat operators have been moving snow around the mountain for weeks now so that the lower slopes remained skiable. However, with no fresh snow coming down and a big melt every day, it finally got to the point where they couldn’t safely keep the lifts running. So much for the Farmer’s Almanac prediction of “this winter will be another Arctic blast with above-normal snowfall.” Castle Mountain typically has an annual snowfall of 910 cm, but only 264 cm have fallen from the heavens this year. Hopefully the weather will turn quickly so that Castle riders and skiers can get in a few good weeks before spring comes marching in.

Great conditions at Marmot Basin, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise

This winter’s continued unsettled weather in Western Canada has kept many snow enthusiasts wondering where to travel for their fix. Marmot Basin leads the pack with steady dumps, but Sunshine Village and Lake Louise are not far behind. Last weekend Marmot got another 14 cm overnight and conditions were amazing, now that the Jasper in January crowd has dissipated. The forecast looks promising for the next few weeks: warm in Jasper and snowy on the mountain. V

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