Yes We Mystic talks new album, Forgiver

What have you been unable to forgive? That’s the question Winnipeg’s Yes We Mystic asked its fans ahead of its recently released debut album, Forgiver. Appearing with the question was the “Forgiver” heading, a telephone number for text messages, and the cryptic message “No harm will come to you.” “[It] was a campaign we did […]

Sled Island Day Five: Just barely awake for the pig roast

On the last day we all just wanted to nap and nurse our five day hangovers, but instead we went to the Palomino. Genders, straight out of Portland, kicked off the post pig roast festivities. Nothing overly technical or dramatic, Genders created some nice soundscapes which were contrasted by messy and powerful vocals. The Shiverettes […]

Sled Island 2016: Saturday, June 25

Sled Island 2016: Friday, June 24

Sled Island Day Four: Peaches and Pears and peculiar breakfast choices

Days one can wake up and eat a hot dog and punk rock for breakfast are the days to live for. Tubby Dog kicked off our Saturday with Victoria’s Fountain. Making punk rock sound unique is no easy task these days, but they pulled it off with a fun, late ’70s Clash vibe. The afternoon […]

Sled Island 2016: Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sled Island Day One: 10 year anniversary of Alberta’s best festival gets rowdy on first day

The 10 year of Sled Island came with the pungent scent of garbage in the Local 510 parking lot with B.A. Johnston. A fitting scene, really. Earlier artists were a little too goth to open for such a colourful and renowned performer, but the mushroom cut adorned audience danced just the same. Melted Mirror was one […]

Sled Island 2016: Wednesday, June 22

Lonesome Dove maintains a traditional country music sound

It’s no secret that country music often gets a bad rap for being formulaic and only talking about pick-up trucks and drinking on a dirt road. But there’s been a small resurgence in the popularity of more traditional country music in recent years, with artists following the lead of venerable songsmiths like Merle Haggard and […]

Savage Playground talk band moniker, Crashdïet, and Lita Ford

‘When you go see a show … you want to go home and be like, ‘That was fucking awesome!'” says Ryley Hughes, lead singer and guitarist of Edmonton’s hair-metal foursome Savage Playground. Watching Ryley (19), brother Josh (18, drums), Daniel Martin (23, rhythm guitar) and Connor Miskiman (19, bass) in the video for the band’s […]