In the Box: It’s all over now

That’s it. It’s over. The Oilers concluded their underwhelming season this weekend against the retiring Sedins and the Vancouver Canucks as both teams headed for the golf courses Sunday. What can we take away from this seemingly miserable season? Besides having the best player in the world, and another Art Ross, what does the future […]

An Evening With Nightwish

Russian Satire

In March 1953, the then-most successful mass-murderer in inhuman history was felled by a stroke on the bedroom floor of his dacha; he lay in his urine for hours until found, then finally died days later. Armando Iannucci’s terror-farce The Death of Stalin tags along for the power-vacuum trip as The Man of Steel’s politburo flunkeys stumble […]

Thaw at the Shaw

The Wages of Sin

Ministry summons inflatable chickens and makes the sonic equivalent to being crucified on a Tesla coil Ministry has gone through several career periods—the sensory effects of which range from feeling like you’re running through a junkyard naked to feeling like you’re trapped in a microwave full of sparking forks.    It’s heavy-—but it’s never just […]

Getting the Job Done

Newcomers are Lit! brings together youth from different backgrounds to create a music video Hamilton is far more than just hype. The Broadway blockbuster recently inspired local youth to share their stories through one of its musical numbers. Newcomers are Lit!, Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), is made up of marginalized […]

In The Box: Tops

Three games this week in Oil country and they didn’t lose them all! The returning RNH and a couple wins have the boys in a spirited mood for the inaugural Boxie Awards (well, Brent is at least), and we all can’t wait to see who the tops on this year’s fake awards! Craig takes on […]

Earthtones w/ Bahamas and The Weather Station

Crooked Shadows w/ Dashboard Confessional

By Lindsey Locke

Hollow Darwin-ian Dreamland

Natalie Portman’s new film doesn’t have enough smarts or trippiness to make a big-screen excursion Annihilation, from writer-director Alex Garland (Ex Machina), adapts the first book in Jim VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy but doesn’t really slip us into his “weird fiction”. This is more along the lines of 2016’s Arrival: eerie-sublime eco-sci-fi; an invasion by amoral aliens. […]