An intimate journey, builds up to a breathtaking crisis and then stops. Next, at this heightened moment of suspense, visitors are invited to engage with the characters from a safe, entertaining and c...

The Pink Unicorn

Trisha Lee, a Christian widow living in a small Texas town, finds herself grappling with fear, confusion and ostracism when her teenage daughter announces she is “gender queer” and is sta...

Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!

It’s Shallow Water’s last graduation before it closes and to save it, the grade 12 kids, have written letters to their favourite rock and roll stars, begging them to play at their graduat...

The Mothers

A play about a mother, her estranged teenage boy and the episode that binds them and isolates them.


Rapid Fire Theatre • Improv, a high-stakes game of elimination that will see 11 improvisers compete for audience approval until there is only one left standing.