West Side Story

Based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story will feature a cast of 40 plus, a pit orchestra of 20 and much more.

Coming of Age

Bringing together audiences and interdisciplinary artists from different media including painting, film, theatre, dance, and music. Addresses issues of aging, development, breakthroughs, death and mo...

The 11 O’Clock Number

90 minutes of improvised entertainment that unveils scenes, songs and choreographed numbers completely off the cuff based on audience suggestions.

Yuletide Yeti

With no time to spare, Mrs. Claus and a yeti named George must learn to get along and help each other through the storm so they can be re-united with their loved ones for Christmas • Dec 20; 12pm, 2p...

Christmas Carol Project

A musical interpretation of Dickens’ classic tale and features original songs written from the perspectives of the various characters.