Scrambled YEG: Open Genre Variety Stage

All artist from all mediums are encouraged to occupy the stage and share their creations. Includes Visual, Oratory, Auditory, and Movement mediums. This week: Scrambled YEG Music by Rob Taylor, dance...

Citie Ballet

The Life of a Songbird: homage to Billie Holiday  • Oct 4, 7:30pm; Oct 5, 2:30pm.  

Alberta Ballet

Don Quixote: Company Premiere, music by Ludwing Minkus, choreography by Ben Stevenson OBE.  

Egyptian Music Dance Festival

The Egyptian Music  Dance Festival offers Edmontonians a special glimpse into the rich and alluring Arabic arts culture, with a week of performances and workshops from internationally renowned artist...

RETAKE: A double-bill about memory

What does drinking, strawberries, and dozens of glass jars have to do with memory?  Find out in RETAKE, a premiere of two new dance-theatre works by Anastasia Maywood and Krista Posyniak based on the...