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Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

Fri, Jul 23 (6pm)

From their jam-space, the members of Edmonton metalcore band Dead Reckoning speak with all the excitement and frankness you'd expect from a young band. On the eve of the release of the group's new EP, Our Failed Resistance, the hardworking five-piece have committed the last year and a half to honing their chops while slowly building their own recording space, which served to produce the excellent debut.

"It was recorded and mixed ourselves independently at our jam-space," drummer Curtis Chornohos explains over the phone. Mastered at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver (part of Jesse Gander's Hive Creative Labs), the six-song EP is the culmination of the past year spent writing and learning to capture the group's sound on its own terms.

"Greg and I bring in songs, then work on arrangements together with the band," Sand explains of the writing process. "From there, Greg was interested in getting into recording, so he started buying gear on his own, and from there it was just recording and re-recording."

With this weekend's shows successfully under its belt, Dead Reckoning will embark on its first tour of Western Canada, hoping to cash in on the hard work they members have invested so far.

"We just write as much as we can, play shows and try to get more exposure," Chornohos offers. "Now that we've got a fan base in Alberta, we're gonna try and get out there and put out this recording."

(Avenue Theatre, $10) 

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