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Christa Couture


Singer-songwriter Christa Couture has endured more than her share of tragedy, but rather than allow it to pull her down, she picked herself up and spun it into song. Her latest album, The Living Record is an emotion-packed batch of folk that is a testament to events that have shaped her present and a hopeful look towards the future. Prior to returning to her former hometown of Edmonton, Couture shared her soundtrack picks with Vue. 

At home


Morning: If I've set my alarm, I wake up to CBC Radio 2, but usually my morning is spent waking to the sounds of my neighbourhood—from kids playing in the courtyard to trucks rumbling down Knight Street in Vancouver.

Noon: My let's-get-the-day-rolling go-to is Brandi Carlile, Bear Creek.

Night: The Signal, with Laurie Brown [on CBC].

On the road

Morning: CBC, if I can find it.

Noon: Episodes of This American Life.

Night: To come down after a show, or if there's more driving that night, I hand over the decision making to my iPod's shuffle. V

Fri, Sep 27 (8:30 pm)
With Tzadeka
Blue Chair, $10


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