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  • I am a regular reader of the articles in this paper, and am frequently dismayed by this authors weekly queer articles, not because of his/her queerness, but because of this author’s frequent, and dare i say, weekly present lack of tolerance for anything or anyone not queer or daring to object to queerness, this week you trash the catholic schoolboard for standing by there own religious belief’s, and take a tone suggestive that they should bend there religion to suit your own belief’s, which is incredibly intolerant. you are free to do in your own life and in your own belief’s as you please, but to suggest that an entire institution MUST change there own belief system to accommodate you is childish. firstly i will address your point that transitioning and transubstantiation are the same, they are not, the catholic belief is that Jesus Christ was the son of god, and therefore possessed of divine power, and therefore easily capable of manifesting Himself in physical form through bread and wine, after all their belief is that this individual was able to turn water into wine, so such a thing is not beyond possibility by such belief, Secondly no other individual alive in the past present or future is possessed of similar quality, and is therefore lacking of the divine right to say god was wrong in how they were made. Now i must also stress that i am not religious, and myself believe such religious constructs to be equally silly, childish, and unnatural as your own inclinations and belief’s BUT it is our nation’s stance that every individual is allowed whatsoever childish and unnatural belief’s they so choose as is our great freedom, and is our right to openly and publicly express. And now, before continuing i must outline that in order for you and your community to be tolerated it is important, Mandatory in fact, that you tolerate others as equally as you wish to be tolerated, freedom of speech is meaningless without the freedom to offend, and as an ADULT you have the grown responsibility to accept opposing opinion’s and belief’s for it is the realm of CHILDREN to whine and complain until someone is made to be nice. Furthermore this is a NEWS paper and should be devoid of such personal bias as you spout in every article you write. it is perfectly acceptable for the church to accept the SCIENTIFIC conclusion that Chomosome defines Gender, and if the parents of said “Trans student” do not like this, they are perfectly free to put there child in a non-religious environment, as they are obviously not religious, or at the very least, not faihfully religious, in line with catholic belief. now my second point, the person in question is a CHILD and not possessed of a DEVELOPED BRAIN and is therefore unfit to decide they are transexual, such things are solely the realm of adults, and it is highly likely that this is the persuance of a fad, and or an atempt to garner attention, as such things are prone to these days, but regardless of the reason, the FACT is that a child is no fit to make such great impacting decisions, such is why our naion reuire’s a person to be of adult age to do such things as drink, smoke, get tattoo’s and piercing’s, have plastic surgery, or any number of advanced ADULT things, and i find it deplorable that you, as a representative of the local queer community, would never address such a thing in the least.

    Sincerely, a True Liberal
    -James Dwight VanKoughnett.

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