Catherine MacLellan

// Jule Malet-Veale
// Jule Malet-Veale

Deeply confessional, slightly dark and meticulously crafted are just a few of the ways to describe Catherine MacLellan’s songs on her latest album, Silhouettes, which is driven home by her sweet yet strong vocals. Prior to her show in Edmonton, the folk-roots musician shared her soundtrack picks with Vue.

At home
Morning: Joni Mitchell, Hejira
If I had to pick one record by Joni Mitchell, today it would be Hejira. Tomorrow maybe Court and Spark, the day after that, Blue? Her imagery and melodies break my heart wide open.

Noon: Doc Watson, Trouble in Mind
I have yet to find a single person who doesn’t like this record. This is a collection of Doc Watson’s country blues tunes recorded from 1964 to 1998.

Night: JJ Cale, Naturally
This is Cale’s first record and so introduces his understated, distinctive style. There is no better night music.

On the road
Morning: Dennis Cahill & Martin Hayes, Live in Seattle
Subtle, intimate, engaging, even heart-exploding at times. The intimate interplay of fiddler Hayes and guitarist Cahill will change your heart if you don’t like fiddle music. Amazing.

Noon: Ana Egge, Road to my Love
Ana Egge’s sixth record has been on constant rotation in my car since its release in 2009. It is a soulful and rootsy album full of heartbreaking and inspiring songs.

Night: Bill Withers, Just As I Am
This record will perhaps go down in history as my favourite all-time record. Known as the father of acoustic-soul, Withers combines folk, blues, soul and funk here for the first time. V

Sat, Jan 18 (7:30 pm)
Festival Place, $20

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