• The very last sentence in this article hit the nail on the head – “responsibility would suddenly be a way of life”.
    Just think – no more outlets for irresponsible breeders and private owners and the racing industry (to name a few) to throw away innocent horses and discard them like they don’t matter. Every life matters and has value!

  • Agree wholeheartedly. The same goes for any over-breeding, just look at how many dogs are euthanized each month, not just here in Canada but in the US. Backyard breeders have free rein and are “developing” this mixed breeds that have not been health checked, temperament checked, with mother dogs probably being bred every year as opposed as to once every two. Most of these dogs end up in shelters because they develop health issues that owners aren’t willing to deal with or they develop behavioural issues that again, owners are not prepared to deal with. We need new laws.

  • Mr. Priestly, Thank you for your painfully honest article about this horrifically abusive business that must end. You put your finger on the number one problem in your last paragraph…overbreeding. In the US, some states even incentivize backyard breeding of horses and this must stop. There needs to be a serious discussion in the horse industry about being responsible. Closing the doors on horse slaughter as well as their transport to slaughter will force them to. We also need our own USDA to wake up and enforce the laws that already exist in the US to protect our equines.

    • Completely agree – I would go as far to support government regulation so that there is some control. These are animals not widgets we are producing and we should not produce more animals than can be cared for and loved.

  • its time for MPP to listen to the people of Canada. Its time for change to be respectable Canadians in the rest of the world. We are not people greedy to forsake our loyal partners who served us and devoted there trust and loyalty in us, we are not the Canadian people to turn our back on them and slaughter them, our precious horses of Canada. Nor are we like the Mexican people to do and be like them to do the same thing they are doing. We are better people and we will stop horse slaughter in Canada.

  • I was planning a trip to Canada but I have changed my mind. I was not aware of this practice and saw some awful undercover video. I will not spend one cent in a country that condones this practice.

  • I live in Alberta where this is allowed, we have the largest plant in the country. Its a sick, horrific industry that needs to be stopped. The government needs to watch these videos of the Bouvry slaughter plant so they can fully appreciate how deplorable and inhumane this practice is. I often visit auctions and most times horses are stuffed into pens with aggressive horses and are brutally attacked, let the staff know and there response is that they are not moving them and that it does not matter because most are going to meat anyway. And if that were not enough they are shipped in low crammed trucks to be slaughtered. These horses are often times well broke quiet horses, babies, but either way a horse is a horse. There are farmers who breed and send to auction for a paycheck knowing full well the horses will be slaughtered. Stop slaughter, then this breeding will stop. There will not be too many horses because the breeding will stop. Horses can then be put down properly in the presence if a vet. The reason there are too many horses is because of this industry. Stop killing this noble creature! Oh and for the people who argue some horses are dangerous, this does not mean they deserve slaughter and last resort they too can be put down in the presence of a vet properly.

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