Cool Winter Guide

Bundle up with ethical winter style from New Classics Studios


When it comes to dressing for snowy weather, it’s no surprise that layering is both stylish and practical. The good news is that we no longer have to feel miserable about our clothing choices (we can reserve those emotions for the six-plus months of winter weather) thanks to Alyssa Lau and Eric Yun, co-founders of the locally run online boutique New Classics Studios.

Vue Weekly: When and why did you start New Classics Studios?
Alyssa Lau: A year ago in October, my partner, Eric, and I started New Classics Studios out of the desire to do two things: educate Canadians on how fast fashion affects the environment and garment workers, all the while promoting and encouraging others to join the Slow Fashion Movement. We noticed that there was a gap in Canada’s market for sustainable fashion, and [we] wanted to use New Classics as a platform to introduce and benefit designers who are initiating the way for sustainable fashion in unique and innovative ways.

VW: What can one expect from
AL: New Classics Studios is, above all, an ideology that merges classic and timeless design with quality, environmental awareness and social responsibility. We believe that people shouldn’t have to give up esthetics for ethics, so we’ve put together a highly curated selection of minimalistic, sustainable and fair trade fashion labels from around the world.

VW: What brands do you
currently carry?
AL: Kowtow, Baserange, Kaarem, Suzanne Rae, Samuji, Shaina Mote, Study-NY, Priory, SVILU, Carleen, Pola Thomson, S M K and more.

VW: Are there any pieces you can’t live without for winter?
AL: A hefty oversized jacket to keep me warm!
Eric Yun: Doc Marten boots. Otherwise I’ll be slipping all over the place.

VW: What is your best style tip for surviving the winter?
AL: This is pretty obvious, but layering!
EY: For me? Scarves. [I] never really realized how warm they keep you until Alyssa gave me one to wear.

Photography: Meaghan Baxter
Hair and makeup: Amber Prepchuk
Styling: Sandy Joe Karpetz
Models: Alyssa Lau and Eric Yun

CWG-outfit1-web   CWG-outfit1-guys-3-web

Bomber Jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim from Simons
Hat: Simons
Jumper: Baserange from
Blouse: Samuji from
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Sweater: Beyond Closet
Jacket: Original by Jack Jones from Simons
Jeans: Naked & Famous
Shoes: New Balance

CWG-outfit2-2-web CWG-outfit2-guys-web

Ear muffs: Simons
Jacket: Baserange from
Knit joggers: Baserange from
T-shirt: Baserange from
Sweater: DKNY West Edmonton Mall

T-shirt: Kowtow from
Jacket: Varsity from Simons
Jeans: Naked & Famous

CWG-outfit3-1-web CWG-outfit3-guys-2-web

Vest & dress: DKNY West Edmonton Mall
Bag: S M K from

Sweater: Simons
Jacket: Simons
Jeans: Naked & Famous

CWG-detail-web CWG-detail2-web CWG-detail3-web

Bags: S M K from
Gloves: Aristade from Simons

Men’s hat: Le31 from Simons
Ladies’ hat: Creation Alman from Simons






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