“I find videos really help people connect with the music, and people don’t even really know you have a song until you have a video,” says Tristan Orchard, frontman of Vancouver pop group BESTiE, during a break in Montréal in the midst of the band’s current tour.

It doesn’t hurt that Orchard is a Gemini-nominated filmmaker, either. He’s already directed and shot the video for “Pineapple,” the summer-ready debut single from BESTiE’s latest album, No Bad Days as well as the video for the follow-up track “Asleep On The Bus.” Orchard’s hope is to go the “Beyoncé route” and eventually release a video for each track on the album.

“It’s much more of an opportunity to further express what the song is about and the lyrics behind it, and to give people more of a way to get into what the song is about and saying artistically and lyrically,” says Orchard, who revels in the intensity of video-shoot days. “I think a lot of times people don’t even pay attention to the lyrics so you can really flesh that out because you’re using the audio from it as well as the visual, so I think it’s a much more connective medium for people.

Fans can expect the next dose of BESTiE in early June with the release of the music video for “Sriracha,” Orchard’s hot sauce of choice. Although, it’s not so much an ode to the spicy stuff as it is a tune about a fictional story set in Third Beach in Vancouver—a “hipster beach,” as Orchard calls it, that’s secluded near downtown. The original plan was to shoot there in September, but unpredictable Canadian weather brought on early winter. In order to shoot the video and finish it in time for summer, the project moved south—far south to Medellin and Cartagena, Colombia, actually.

“We were down in Austin at SXSW and any excuse to travel is a good excuse to travel, and just looking to do something out of the box and unexpected and use the country as sort of a character,” Orchard says, adding the music culture in Cartagena played into the Spanish and Latin influences so prevalent in BESTiE’s sound. Plus, it gave drummer Daniel Ruiz an opportunity to visit his home country for the first time in four years.

Songs titles like “Sriracha” and “Kelly Kapowski,”—yes, Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell, though the name is meant to provide an additional relatable connection to the song rather than profess any sort of superfandom—along with BESTiE’s infectious, playful melodies evoke a sunny, lighthearted sonic palette, but the lyrics can get serious beneath the beachy facade.

“I always say you can’t have the bright, light stuff without the dark,” Orchard adds. “I think things like love and death are at opposite ends of the spectrum of two of the most intense things in life, so I think it really stems from that and they’re both definitely ideas we like to explore.”

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