Best of Edmonton 2014

It’s time for our readers to help us out once more in our search for the best of the best.

We’re opening up the annual Best of Edmonton poll and asking you to capture a snapshot of all the things that make Edmonton a place worth celebrating in 2014. We want you to cast your votes for the things that matter to you—people, music, art, stores and more—and together we’ll celebrate old favourites and unveil some hidden and surprising gems. Let the voting begin!

(Oh, and if you’re looking for restaurant- or food-based awards, you’ll have to wait or skim our archives: we do those in our Golden Fork awards in May.)

Entry Rules:

You must enter at least 30 categories for your ballot to qualify, but you do not need to answer the entire survey

Prizes up for grabs:

$500 in restaurant gift cards

Start now:

Arts and Culture


Dance and Theatre

Music and Comedy

Events and Festivals




Shopping and Services

Fashion and Self-Expression (Style)

Local life

Sports and Recreation



Your info








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