1063: The Graphic Novel Issue



New website aims to reverse rising HIV rates in Edmonton

Local feminist using film screenings to spark bigger social change

VuePoint: Teaching truth


The Other finds both harmony and discord in its stylistic choices

Wartime duties: This is War effectively asks difficult questions

Love or Sex? Hot Mess draws a dark, moody production

The sheer delight of imagination follows Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Stories on the Hills mixes traditional and modern storytelling


Sierra Nevada offers classic quality while continuing to blaze trails


London Has Fallen

Fey on a mission: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot owns up to its tropes

Ghouls in the bedroom: Nina Forever’s bloody conceit manages to sustain itself

A sprawling labyrinth: the life of Jacques Rivette and Paris Belongs to Us

Passing me by: Figurine digs into the drama of a usually ignored character


Justine Vandergrift discusses leaving Edmonton, Calgary’s music scene and new album

Shout Out Out Out Out returns to the local stage

Rhubarbs look back on punk roots and reflect on current scene

Post Script continues on as a trio

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