1056: Limited abundance


Film Reviews

Dark Star: H R Giger’s World


What does the wage freeze actually mean? While primarily a symbolic gesture, the freeze may have real impacts politically and strategically

The U of A’s 31st International Week seeks to understand the global issues that define our era

VuePoint: Seeking public art


Flora and Fawna’s Field Trip finds both humour and heart

Chelsea Hotel: the music is entrancing, the movement is mild

Artifacts: DIG and Protest Song/ Air Cacophonique


Shaken or egged? The vegan botanical foamer is a game-changer for the cocktail industry


Anomalisa proves an inventive but emotionally immature love story

Strange thriller The American Friend is Wim Wenders at his peak

Norm of the North


A proper send-off for Spastic Panthers

Krista Acheson returns to music with three distinct projects

The Gibson Block steps out on its own with new album, Luminate

Striker takes control on Stand In The Fire

New Sounds

Leave Me Alone

Psychic Materials

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