Amanda Rheaume


Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Genre: Roots-pop
Lastest album: Keep a Fire (2013)
Fun fact: Rheaume is of Métis descent, and the track “Keep a Fire in the Rain” is about her great-grandfather and great-grandmother, who was Ojibway, and the couple’s struggles due to not being welcome in either of their respective communities.

First album
[The] first album I ever bought was probably New Kids on the Block, but Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill, was the first influential album I ever purchased.


First concert
New Kids on the Block! Oh no, I am recognizing a theme.

Last album
Rose Cousins, We Have Made A Spark

Last concert
Lynn Miles and Keith Glass at Ottawa Folk Festival

Favourite album
Del Barber, Headwaters

Favourite musical guilty pleasure
Sometimes I will put on Tom Waits, Rain Dogs and imagine the impossible. V

Thu, Nov 21 (8:30 pm)
With Chloe Albert
Blue Chair Café, $12


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