Blind Mr Jones
Saint Marie


With all due respect to the parties involved, it’s pretty safe to say that Blind Mr Jones, which released two full lengths of British shoe gaze before breaking up in 1994, was a minor blip on the musical map. But it’s interesting to think of music in the sense that every song is someone’s favourite. So no matter how inconsequential BMJ. might seem in the grand scheme of things, there are going to be at least a few 40-somethings stoked on this reissue. To its credit, the strings and flutes that appear now and again add a real depth to tracks like “Hey” and “Viva Fisher” and give them a timelessness that just isn’t there through all 10 tracks. Calm reverberated vocals accompany mellow, distorted riffs. The bass tone on “Drop for Days” is pretty great, and by no means are these songs bad, they just scream, “remember the ’90s!” If staring at your laces is your thing, then by all means, get a peep of this distant planet, but for the most part, Tatooine is a fans-only release.

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