Success With Houseplants


Success With Houseplants

Notta Comet


Montréal’s Notta Comet make arty-jazz-rock that’s more than a little bizarre. Success With Houseplants is a confident debut, searing its unique point of view into listeners’ brains.

The trio, which started as guitar/vocalist Alex Williams’s solo project, oozes manic, nervous energy on tracks like “Flower Song” and “Wino Threat.” Songs are off-kilter, lurching uneasily in time signatures rarely used in typical guitar-rock, with Williams’s spidery guitar offset by Evan Kaufman’s spastic drumming.

Williams and bassist Crawford Smith trade vocal duties exploring paranoid —but funny—visions about technology (“Somebody Oughta Burn Down Ray Kurzweil’s House”), colonialism (“Colonial Authorties” and religion (“Don’t Upset My God”). Often apocalyptic and allegorically political, the lyrics make Notta Comet’s sonic assault mean something and make Success With Houseplants compelling.

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